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Rakomesko Group eyes resort in Italy – Company to invest 550 mln euros in the project

Rakomesko Group Chairman Khalil Al-Rashid with other company officials during the press conference.
Rakomesko Group Chairman Khalil Al-Rashid with other company officials during the press conference.

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: Rakomesko Group has announced in a press conference that their investments in a resort project named as “Dar Di Fogliano” resort in Italy valued at more than half Billion euros.

The Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Dr Salim Al-Rashid of Rakomesko Group for General Trading and Contracting Co has announced in a press conference held on May 7, 2016 (yesterday, morning) an investment of a tourist real estate project on the Mediterranean city of Roma, Italy named as “Dar Di Fogliano resort project” for an amount of 500 million euro .

General Manager of Rakomesko Group, Khalil Al-Rashid, and a number of executive management of the company officials, along with a group of investors, and the media and the press, announced that Rakomesko is taking brave steps to invest in outside of Kuwait for the most important property, which is considered as a real opportunity for the Kuwaiti and international investors to buy and invest in luxury chalets “Dar Di Fogliano” resort, the Mediterranean Sea bounded, a country where nature and beauty, located in Italian resorts with an investment value of more than 550 million euros.

Chief Finance Officer, Dr Ghalib Al-Mashoor and Khalid Ahmed Salem also attended the event.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company Dr Salim Al-Rashed said that “Rakomesko Group” is the first Kuwaiti company that made a decision to enter into the Italian real estate market, in collaboration with the Italian company United Real Estate for Development, the real estate arm of the development projects for the company.

“Dar Di Fogliano” has recently gained popularity not less than any one of the most famous Italian coastal cities, where the resort is located in the heart of Fogliano, the coastal area in Italy, where the place is known for important commercial centers, restaurants, recreational places, and many other tourist attractions.

Dr Salim, added that the resort is a harmonious symphony that combines luxury and style ergonomic shape, is designed to combine magnificence and fun through the magnificent scenery that includes the magic of the Mediterranean Sea, the garden of nature and picturesque lake.

Components of the project

On the components of the project Rakomesko’s General Manager Khalil Al — Rashid spoke stressing that the “Dar Di Fogliano resort” includes two hotels with 5 star status and 6 star status, along with 855 luxurious chalets and diverse in terms of area ranging from 50 to 340 square meters, which is characterized each chalet panoramic views reflect a deep understanding of luxury. Some of them with views of the lake and the park, which gives comfort and full of the spirit of life, and others are features views of the turquoise sea water, as there Rove luxury views, as well as the stunning duplex apartment.


As for the hotels within the project Dr Salim Al Rashid said that the two luxury hotels category 5 and 6 star, each offers accommodation ownership through elegantly furnished rooms, which enjoy a private atmosphere gives comfort and relaxation through overlooking the charming views of the more well — being.


On the existing facilities to the project, Al-Rashed said that each resort extends world class facilities that distinguish it from others, but for the resort “Dar Di Fogliano” is characterized by providing a lot of services, including, for example, but not limited to cabinet secretariats, queries and guidance, newspapers, luggage storage , helping to organize trips, parking, business center, Internet, multilingual staff who are familiar with several languages. Round trip tours are arranged for the resident owners of the “Dar Di Fogliano” resort.

Medical Center

He added that the project also includes among its facilities a sophisticated Medical center, in order to get free of any health problems or emergency incidents for the residents. The medical center operates around the clock under the supervision of specialists in the field of health care, so that they can provide the necessary time needed health and medical care.

Physiotherapy Centre:

He also said that the resort has a center for physiotherapy to deal with cases where the movement is threatened due to aging, disabled children, or sports injuries, in order to maintain mobility and physical ability at all stages of life.

Springs sparkling water:

In addition to all this Dr Salim Al-Rashed stressed that the “Dar Di Fogliano (the House of Fogliano)” resort is characterized by that it has water fountains sparkling used to treat nerve, rheumatism, skeleton, skin, respiratory, Kulb.ogerha many diseases ,making it a prime destination for those wishing to therapeutic tourism throughout the year.

Private beach:

He added that the resort has two beaches specially made for First Ladies, which is surrounded by a wooden fence bold for more comfort and privacy, while the second is devoted to the practice of various water activities, pointing out that the resort has a seaplane for trips reconnaissance on the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoy the discovery of the Italian islands, and allows plane to give chance to see the wonderful sights and availing pictures from the top of the picturesque views.


In addition, the resort offers an unrivaled range of collective and individual to ensure lure lovers of water sports of all ages , such as boats Alcabac activities, windsurfing, water-skiing, parachute Water-skiing, jet-ski, scuba diving, volleyball Ahatiah … ogerha a lot.


Among the other facilities at the resort comes with a fantastic “Aquarium , “ which includes very magnificence water theme parks and environmental look which are ideal for animals, plants, marine life beautiful breathtaking along with a group of basins , which includes sharks and other marine wacky.

Royal Sports:

The resort offers a range of proprietary sports occupants including Golf, where Italy is the Peer nation to show how to play golf, where playing in the calm atmosphere of the landscape, as the resort offers courses for Golf to strengthen skills through professional coach, along with the rides offered by the resort, which suit different sport capacity, meaning to say that whether you’re a veteran or a knight mere amateur, the resort offers a school to teach horseback riding, stables and a world — class training, in addition to the stable of a special breeding horse pony and attention Petkatherh.

As well as the resort has squash courts, and other Tennis ground, with private pools, a sports club, and the latest health and fitness, and a third of children, as well as theater and Museum and Center for Fine Arts, and the Center for Ladies Beauty, spa and massage, as well as a number of shops and restaurants healthy meals and cafes.

Qualitative Project:

At the conclusion of the press conference , Chairman of the Board & CEO Dr Salem Al — Rashid stressed that the “Dar Di Fogliano” resort project is the only project in Italy, while promising to launch other new projects, including qualitative different projects specialized in real estate side of entertainment, where this project will serve as a launch the quality of the company in the Republic of Italy in the long run.

Operating team:

Dr Al-Rashed said that the expected return for investors is up to 25%.

Dr Rashed stressed that the project financing will be through one Italian banks, and pointed to the orientation of the company to invest in overseas markets in the face of limited local opportunities. The project is expected to be completed by mid-year implementation of the project in 2017.

Kuwait real estate exhibition:

Dr Salim indicated that Rakomesko Group is participating in the Kuwait real estate naqba exhibition to be held on May 9 to 14, 2016, wherein he is expected to market the “Dar Di Fogliano” resort real estate projects.


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