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Wednesday , April 14 2021

Raising Kuwaiti flag an Olympic dream – Kuwaiti swimmer seeks to set new record

Photo of 23-year-old Kuwaiti swimmer Abbas Qali
Photo of 23-year-old Kuwaiti swimmer Abbas Qali
Throughout my career as a junior Kuwaiti swimmer, I have always looked up to top Olympic swimmers. I observe their expression whenever they win. I noticed that they usually raise their countries’ flags once they are declared winners.

In my swimming career and in every swimming competition I attended, I always looked up proudly to see the Kuwaiti flag at the center of the stage. The feeling is indescribable as it gives me the chills. It motivates me to achieve more, as we had numerous achievements internationally back in the day.

During my bachelor academic years at the University of Alabama in the USA, I worked hard as I participated in a great swimming program. I dreamt of making it to the Olympic cut and finally I made it. Representing your country in the Olympics is the biggest achievement for an athlete. Unfortunately, I will not be representing my country due to its suspension from the IOC. My goal for the Olympics is to set a new personal best time and a Kuwaiti record, as well as to be the first Kuwaiti in history to break the 54-second barrier.

I hope the Kuwaiti government and officials will resolve the issue as soon as possible, so my fellow Kuwaiti athletes and I can raise the Kuwaiti flag in the Rio Olympics. This is the greatest dream that every athlete wants to achieve.

By Abbas Qali


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