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Wednesday , November 30 2022

Radical groups ‘plan ‘conflicts that lead to chaos, says Kuwait

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NEW YORK, Nov 18, (KUNA): The international community is witnessing wars and conflicts led by radical organizations and militias that aim at driving societies to chaos in order to achieve their interests through malicious tactics, an approach that contradicts with the United Nations’ principles, Kuwait’s permanent envoy to the UN Mansour Ayyad Al- Otaibi said.

The envoy made the statement before the UN Security Council, during discussions on security, development and conflicts’ root causes. Many regions suffer from conflicts and wars, with many “complicated and sophisticated” ways, as civil wars increased in 2008, and the concept of war is no longer confined to a dispute between two nations, he said.

As the atmosphere of peace, security and stability is deteriorating, “all of us should seek to prevent conflicts through preventive measures to avoid negative impacts,” he affirmed. A total of 60 million refugees resulted from such conflicts, which enormously increased the humanitarian needs for year 2015 to more than $20 billion, he added

Meanwhile, there are 128,000 people working in 30 political and peace keeping missions in various parts of the world at the cost of $8 billion annually, he mentioned. Such humanitarian catastrophes should prompt the international community adopt new measures for early predictions of any conflict that would pose a danger to the international peace and safety, otherwise the world will pay a high price, he affirmed. He noted importance of activating the Security Council available tools for maintaining international peace and implementing recommendations mentioned in the UN charter “which work in prevention of the outburst of any struggles.” Kuwait emphasizes importance of overcoming all obstacles and enhancing efficiency of conflicts’ prediction tools, possessed by the UN Secretary General and the UN Secretariat, besides supporting all the bodies related to that matter, he added. The development agenda for 2015 gave new hope in achieving peace through a comprehensive plan that would cure the roots of this dilemma, as there is a strong connection between peace and development, and “there is no peace without development and no development without peace”.

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