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‘Quick deportation for residence violators’ – Bid to avoid overcrowding in jails

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KUWAIT CITY, June 15: The Ministry of Interior is making every effort to work on deporting residency violators as soon as possible in order to avoid overcrowding in police stations and deportation prisons, with the aim of ensuring security and eliminating marginalized and violating workers, reports Al-Rai daily. The ministry carried out intensive campaigns to apprehend violators in the past few days based on instructions from the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf, and the Undersecretary of the ministry Lieutenant General Anwar Al- Barjas, and the follow-up and supervision of the Undersecretary of the Public Security Sector in the ministry Major General Farraj Al-Zoubi.

According to sources in the ministry, the recent security campaigns achieved public satisfaction in Kuwait, especially since residency violators and criminal record holders represent a source of danger to citizens and residents. They affirmed that all violators are dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations, and they are referred to the General Administration of Deportation in preparation for their deportation to their country, which include taking their fingerprints so that they are unable to return to the country.

The sources highlighted the existence of security coordination among the various sectors of the Ministry of Interior in order to ensure the success of the security plan set by the ministry to cordon off some of the previously monitored sites, stressing that no violator will escape under the eyes of the police. They indicated a tendency to immediately deport the expatriates who have their passports, adding, “In case the passports are with the sponsors or employers, they will be contacted to surrender them. Those who do not have passports, the relevant authorities will coordinate with the embassies to obtain a temporary travel document in the event of delays in obtaining the violator’s passport”.

The sources revealed that the number of detainees in the deportation center is 1,500 (950 men and 550 women). They explained that, despite the deportation of about 12,500 expatriates since the beginning of the current year, the General Administration of Deportation is doing its best with its limited capabilities. It deports about 200 people per day, but the number of those being arrested could reach about 400.

The deportation center is a detention center where they wait for their deportation process to be completed. The police in the General Administration of Deportation are exerting great efforts to care for the deportees. This is based on instructions from their director to deal humanely with the deportees and to help some of them by giving them money so that they can return to their countries.

The Talha deportation center was the former Talha Prison in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. According to statistics issued by the Public Security Sector, 653 violators were arrested at security checkpoints in just six days. The number of criminals arrested was 18, absconding expatriates 222, residency violators 432, and those without identification 294.

Also, 43 wanted vehicles were impounded. In addition, 52 people were arrested for drug abuse, and 15 for liquor possession. The reports from the governorates reached 2,263. A total of 1,976 traffic citations were issued, four violating vehicles were seized, and 826 assistance reports were issued.

The number of traffic accidents was 692. No traffic violations were recorded with regard to parking lots for disabled people. The number of people detained in police stations reached 501. The sources highlighted that this security activity happens through the presence of public security patrols and their deployment in all governorates of the country, as well as the distribution of foot patrol teams and the implementation of impromptu campaigns during the dawn period, which came as a great blow on those who are on the wrong side of the law.

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