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Sunday , September 22 2019

Qabazard hammer Hamza Team 6-0

Qamber outclass Dashti in 22nd Jabriya Futsal Tournament

Action shot taken during the 22nd Jabriya Ramadan Futsal Tournament.

KUWAIT CITY, May 24: Martyr Ahmad Qabazard Team sent a strong message to other teams that are contending for the trophy in the 22nd Jabriya Cooperative Society Ramadan Futsal Tournament, as they walloped Martyr Mohammad Hamza Team 6-0 in the last game of the group stage.

The tournament is taking place at the Sports Hall of Mohammad Ismail Al-Ghanim School, Jabriya, under the sponsorship of Sheikh Fahad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah. In the second game, Martyr Ahmad Qamber Team defeated Martyr Fouad Dashti Team 3-0 in an interesting match the winners dominated from the beginning to the end.

The organizers awarded three full points to Martyr Ali Al-Qallaf Team in the third game due to the withdrawal of their opponents, Martyr Ahmad Al-Khattab Team, while the fourth match between Martyr Khalil Al-Bloushi Team and Martyr Senai Al-Foudari Team was postponed. The four second-round games scheduled for Friday include Martyr Essa Al-Sa’ad against Martyr Mohammad Safar at 4:00pm followed by another game pitching Martyr Essa Al-Qena’i against Martyr Salman Al-Sharrah, while the third match will be played between Martyr Ahmad Qabazard Team and Martyr Ahmad Qamber Team. The team that will face Martyr Ali Al-Qallaf in the last match of the day is undecided.

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