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‘Provide job security, benefits for Kuwaitis in private sector’

MoI plans allowances for civilian workers

KUWAIT CITY, July 9: Parliamentary sources stressed the importance of bills that support national labor and encourage them to work in non-governmental organizations, reports Al- Shahed daily. They affirmed the importance of strengthening efforts to support the implementation of “Kuwaitization” and increase national cadres in the private sector, especially since the private sector is regarded as repellent because of lack of job security and absence of benefits and privileges provided to public sector employees.

The sources revealed that one of the most prominent items in the bills that were referred by the Legislative Committee to the Finance Committee after approval is related to obliging oil sector companies and non-governmental entities in the same sector to increase the proportion of national manpower to at least 80 percent in order to achieve Kuwaitization in the oil sector.

They said the bills stipulate that every Kuwaiti who has been dismissed from service in the private sector can apply to the Civil Service Commission for a job in accordance with the specified conditions, adding that CSC must give them priority in employment and a salary not exceeding what they were receiving in their previous job. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry intends to grant additional allowance to civilian employees and officers before the end of this year, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources.

Sources explained the ministry took this decision after noticing a remarkable increase in the number of resignations, transfers and retirement applications. Sources said the ministry conducted a study on increasing the salaries and granting additional allowance which ranges from KD 150 to KD 250. Sources also confirmed that Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah and Undersecretary Lieutenant Mahmoud Al-Dousari fully support this move.

In another development, Al- Anba daily has reported that the ministry will soon disburse the hazard and infection allowances to employees assigned in the Airport Passports Department. The daily quoted sources as saying that the Administrative Affairs General Department has requested the Airport Security General Department to submit the names and designations of employees entitled to these two allowances.

Sources added Director General of the Administrative Affairs General Department Sheikh Mohammad Al-Hamoud sent a letter to his airport security counterpart on the payment of these allowances.

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