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Sunday , January 29 2023

Protecting lives and property priority of MoI

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Field tour of Husseiniyas conducted

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior Lieutenant-General Anwar Al-Barjas stressed on Saturday the necessity of readiness and vigilance in order to maintain the security and safety of places of worship and Husseiniyas and to overcome difficulties, given that protecting lives and public and private property is the priority of the security establishment and its leaders.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior is making an inspection tour to see the security plan for securing places of worship and Husseiniyas.

This came in a statement issued by the General Administration of Relations and Security Media after a field tour by Lieutenant-General Al-Barjas to some Husseiniyas, during which he met a number of field leaders “to review the plan for securing places of worship and Husseiniyas “ during the days of mourning. According to the statement, Lieutenant-General Al-Barjas from field commanders listened to the axes of the security plan implemented on the ground, the effective security deployment, the intense presence around the Husseiniyas, the smooth flow of traffic around them, and the overcoming of obstacles and difficulties to reach them safely.

Shiite Muslims sitting in a Husseiniya listening to the sermon by their cleric. The second holiest Islamic month of Muharram began on July 30, 2022. The first is Ramadan. The rituals will continue throughout the month but it peaks on the 10th, the day on which Hussein Bin Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) was martyred in the battle of Karbala. Shia Muslims spend the day in mourning, while Sunni Muslims fast on this day

He commended the effective cooperation between Husseiniyat-goers and security men, which contributed to the success of security and traffic deployment plans and had a great impact on everyone. Lieutenant-General Al-Barjas thanked and appreciated the men of the security establishment for their active role and sincere efforts in securing places of worship, stressing that they are the watchful eye for the comfort, security and safety of citizens and residents. For their part, the Hussainiyat leaders expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the security men for their cooperation, patience, vigilance, and their distinguished dealings with everyone. (KUNA)

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