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Prostitution, liquor rampant in cabins of few shady cafes – Municipality orders raids of ‘vice dens’

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13, (Agencies): Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Essa Ahmad Al-Kandari affirmed on Wednesday that he had issued instructions for immediate implementation to the Municipality to raid cafes with enclosed cabins, namely those suspected of curtaining indecent acts. Minister Al-Essa said, responding to queries by MPs during the parliamentary session Wednesday that the cabins in the cafes are legal and have been established according to municipality regulations. “However, misuse of this license will be strictly dealt with,” he said, warning that cafes with enclosed chambers where indecent or immoral acts are practiced will face strict punishment. He stressed that “the Municipality had already raided these cafes since the beginning of this phenomenon,” adding that he would continue to follow up on this issue.

Meanwhile, earlier, members of the Municipal Council had criticized the presence of closed cabins in some cafés saying strange things happen inside these cabins including the ‘sale of women’, alcohol and drugs, reports Al-Rai daily. Council member Mane’a Al-Ajmi said during a regular Monday session the most unethical activities inside cafés are promoted by the expatriates who attempt to “introduce their culture into the Kuwaiti society some way or the other.” He added, “Some cafés allow couples to use cabins to smoke sheesha and sometimes the chairs become beds for unlimited fun.” “There are gangs of expats whose job is to spread vice and some Kuwaitis close their eyes to their religious feelings and patriotism for the sake of a few dinars,” alleged Al-Ajmi.

He added everyone knows about what is happening inside these cafés – free flow of drugs, alcohol and illicit things, so “We demand the implementation of the smoking ban law which was passed by National Assembly. “Another catastrophe is the sale of women inside these closed cabins and urged the Interior Ministry to strictly implement the law and supervise the cafés,” he added. He went on to say, “A majority of the cafés are guarded by men, who are equipped with walkie-talkies and they alert those inside the cabins if any suspicious looking person enters the place.” Meanwhile, council member Fahd Al-Sane said: “This issue has shaken the Kuwaiti society and called for coordination between the Interior Ministry and the Municipality to eradicate this phenomenon.”

Iranian sheep refused entry: Customs officers at the Doha Port have refused permission to the captain of a sheep to unload a cargo of sheep arriving from Iran for fear the cattle is infected with a disease, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a customs source, random samples have been taken and sent to the concerned department to ensure the cattle is safe for consumption. Meanwhile, customs officers at the Doha port have prevented the entry of four shipments of sheep (1,650 sheep) which arrived from Iran aboard four vessels and forced the vessels to return to the country of origin upon instructions from the Veterinary Department because the shipments did not meet terms and conditions for import.

Couple caught in drug peddling: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a GCC citizen and a Kuwaiti woman for trafficking in drugs, reports Al-Anba daily. The arrest came after the duo agreed to supply meth to a police agent in Salmiya. They have been handed over to the General Department for Drugs Control.

GPS helps trap thief maid: The Khaitan police have arrested an Ethiopian housemaid for stealing KD 10,000 and fleeing from her sponsor, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the arrest came after a retired Kuwaiti filed a complaint with the police and accused the maid of stealing his money which he had ‘just withdrawn’ from a bank to purchase an apartment in an Arab country.

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