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Monday , December 10 2018

Project visa transfer to another project visa

I came to Kuwait in 2014 on a project visa. I have been working in a construction company as an electrician since 2014. Now I have good offer from another company but my company did not give release to me. Please tell me what should I do, give suggestions please.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately for you, the company is acting within the law by refusing to give you a release. Under current laws, you can only transfer your visa to another project visa of the same sponsor or another project of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor. With the above explanation, you will agree with us that there isn’t much you can do with regard to a release if the current sponsor insists on holding on to you. The only other alternative if you can’t awail of the above possibilities is to resign and go back to your country.

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