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Project visa release

I would like to ask for your legal advice. I am currently working on a project visa. I will be completing my one-year contract this coming Oct 25, 2017. My questions are

1. If I get hired by another company, can I get release from my current company after completing my one-year contract?

2. If I don’t get release and I decide to resign and go home to my home country, will my visa be automatically cancelled after it expires?

Looking forward to hear from your advice. Thank you and best regards.

Name withheld

Answer: If you were originally brought to Kuwait by your current company on a project visa, the laws say that you can transfer only to another project visa of the same sponsor, or another project visa of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor. In each of these scenarios, different fees are charged to effect the change involved.

Coming back to your specific question (No. 1) we would say that you would only be entitled to a release if you were locally hired and your original visa of entry to Kuwait was company visa and not project visa.

On the second question, if you opt to resign and go back to your home country, your visa has to be cancelled by your sponsor before you leave the country.

The issue of automatic cancellation of visa will only arise if you leave the country for good without the knowledge of your sponsor.

If you opt for the latter you will face problems if in future you want to come back to Kuwait again on a new visa.

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