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Procedures and rules for gradual opening of commercial flights to and from Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, May 20: The operation of the incoming and outgoing flights will be gradually begin after Eid Al-Fitr. These measures will be implemented in coordination with civil aviation for Kuwaiti departures and expats of all nationality, provided they sign a pledge that they will be responsible regarding the health aspect and will adhere to the procedures implemented. 

The source pointed out that Kuwaiti citizens must register the names and details in the embassies of countries residing, if they want to return in order to arrange for their to return.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, expats who are of first degree relations with Kuwaitis (Parents, Children) such as if his mother is a Kuwaiti or his wife is a Kuwaiti, is entitled to return after reviewing through Kuwait embassy in the country in which he/she is located.

Currently, the Kuwait airspace is closed for incoming flights, except from countries that have opened their airports and only for Kuwaitis.

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