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Saturday , September 21 2019

Probe launched as divorced woman’s friends accused of torturing her kids

Fake accounts used to criticize top officers

KUWAIT CITY, April 21: The Jahra Prosecution has opened an investigation into accusations that a mother and her friends had tortured her two children who are being treated at the Al-Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a legal source, the father of the two children informed the competent authorities of his children’s exposure to burns and severe physical pain and the prosecution decided to detain the mother and her friends at the Central Prison pending investigations.

The source added, the mother is said to have made a detailed confession of the incident, saying that she is in constant disagreement with her divorced husband, who rarely comes to visit the children, which encouraged her to take two male friends and hosted them in her home, and while consuming drugs they discovered the presence of her 6-year-old son and her 7-year-old daughter.

The victim claimed that her first boyfriend assaulted her son, while the other filmed the incident, tortured the two children and caused them injuries, and then threatened to expose her if she reported the incident to anyone. She concluded saying she was under duress, while the two men are said to have confessed to the charges against them saying they were under the influence of drugs.

The source revealed that the Jahra Prosecution which conducted the investigation has charged the men with beating the victims and causing them injuries as described in Forensic reports using a knife, iron piece, spoons and cologne and causing them severe physical pain. The men are also charged with threatening the woman to damage her reputation by sending fake pictures to her family if she reported them to the authorities.

The woman has been charged with failing to take care of her two children, neglecting them, resulting in severe bodily harm and suffering and indulging in an illegal relationship with one of the men.

Defamation war: According to the Ministry of Interior some officers use fake social media accounts to attack and severely criticize senior officers and their colleagues, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting a reliable source.

The same source said some of them use these accounts to leak confidential information including the name of some officers working for the criminal security sector. The same source said this is a serious issue because the Ministry of Interior is entrusted with the protection of the internal security and will not accept such behavior.

The source said the officers who hide behind these fake accounts are trying to create confusion in the security establishment.

The source revealed the Cybercrimes Department of the Criminal Investigations Department has received a mandate from higher authorities to track those accounts because this behavior is despised at the highest level.

The source pointed out that the Cybercrimes Department has reached two expatriates who are working in cell phone shops and allegedly create fake websites to attack the security leaders. The sources pointed out, the Interior Ministry is in the process of taking severe action against anyone involved in the defamation war.

Youth stabbed: An unidentified 18-year-old Kuwaiti has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Amiri Hospital with stab wounds, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, this happened when the victim whose condition is believed to be critical tried to solve a quarrel among some youths inside a shopping mall in Sharq in downtown Kuwait City.

Meanwhile, the Al-Rai daily said, one of the suspects allegedly shouted at the victim saying, leave us alone ‘We are the children of Sulaibiya’.

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