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Privatization of electricity ‘workshops and landlines’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: The Higher Council for Privatization and its technical staff are currently considering the possibility of introducing two privatization projects to be executed by the private sector – the main workshops of Ministry of Electricity, and the fixed telephones belonging to Ministry of Communications, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting informed sources.

They indicated about the possibility of launching a third project – the North Shuaiba Power Station – which has reached a completion rate of 31 percent, affirming that the project has been proceeding as per schedule. The sources revealed about the feasibility study for allocating fixed landlines and broadband connections for international communications.

They explained that the completion rate in its preparatory stages has reached 50 percent. The feasibility study for the allocation of main workshops under Ministry of Electricity and Water has also reached 50 percent completion rate in the preparatory stages. The first development plan of 2010/2015 did not include projects for privatization because of the lack of projects during that period. There was also no technical body to assist the Supreme Council for the implementation of privatization.

However, the 2015-2020 development plan includes the three above-mentioned projects and the agreed timetables. The government is seeking to strengthen the presence of the private sector in many sectors of government through which it can achieve good returns and can absorb more national labor as well as ensure resettlement of modern technology in many economic sectors that the private sector can benefit from.

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