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Thursday , March 30 2023

Private school owners threaten to sue MoE if tuition fees ‘cut’

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KUWAIT CITY, July 20: Several private school owners have threatened to file cases against the Ministry of Education if the latter reduces tuition fees in the new academic year with online education for all academic levels, reports Al-Anba daily quoting highly reliable sources from the educational sector. Sources pointed out the new decisions of the ministry regarding the new school year and the mechanism of work might lead to legal disputes with owners of private schools because of the disagreement over tuition fees. Sources said the ministry verbally informed the private school owners that tuition fees will be reduced if the online learning system is implemented.

Sources added these directives have become sources of concern and inconvenience for the owners of private schools who rejected the decisions. Sources asserted the ministry presented a solution with the hope that it will be satisfactory for the school owners, especially since the reduction of fees will be offset by exempting them from payment of annual rent (estimated at tens of thousands of Kuwaiti dinars) to the Ministry of Finance. Sources affirmed the Ministry of Education vowed to push for approval of the exemption.

Sources disclosed a meeting will be held within this week to discuss ways to deal with private schools in case they refuse to reduce fees, resumption of classes in October and decisions in this regard, hoping the tuition fee issue will not reach the courts as the students will pay the price for such disagreements. Asked about the tuition fees that parents paid in the second semester, sources revealed both the Ministry of Education and the parents demanded for refund of these fees or carry them over to the next academic year; otherwise, the parents will resort to the courts to fight for their financial rights.

On the resumption of classes, sources confirmed all private schools will strictly comply with the directive of the Private Education Department to implement the plan of Education Ministry to start online classes on Oct 4. Sources said this date is final unless there are changes in the health conditions in the country, stressing the department and the schools under its supervision are keen on following the instructions of health authorities.

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