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Saturday , December 7 2019

Pressure mounts to shut fake docus file – Top brass in soup

KUWAIT CITY, July 9: The file of the so-called forged and fake certificates falls within the authority of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting academic sources.

The same sources said pressure from political quarters and the National Assembly has forced Al-Fares to postpone taking a decision to shelve the issue.

However, the satisfaction lies in just knowing the names of those who hold these certificates because many of these people have taken senior positions and have even become MPs and some were former ministers.

It is believed if their names are published it may ‘harm’ the minister. The sources pointed out the minister has found a way out by transferring the holders of certificates issued by the American University in Athens to the judiciary to take necessary action particularly since lawsuits have already been filed in this regard.

The sources also explained this gives the impression that the ministry is serious in dealing with the forged certificates but the real goal is to shelve this file and close the chapter. The sources added the file of forged certificates is difficult, complicated and needs a decisive decision.

In the meantime, an official source said a majority of forged diplomas are held by many military and civilian personalities in Kuwait issued by universities in Egypt and Jordan while others are issued by the Asian countries, primarily the Philippines, and also the European universities.

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