Preachers urge voters to choose the ‘strong and trusty’ candidates – ‘Avoid causes of conflict, corruption and treason’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25, (KUNA): Preachers in mosques across Kuwait on Friday urged voters to choose the ‘strong and trusty’ candidates who would hold public interests higher and above personal benefits, and who are capable of bearing the responsibility of representing them at the National Assembly (parliament)

. Preachers stressed the fact that honesty is an essential ingredient of Islam as a Muslim is ordered to be as truthful as ever in all dealings. Prophet Mohammad strictly warned against dishonesty and betrayal of trust. Truthfulness is a general concept that includes being just, and not concealing evidence; ‘for whoever conceals it, his heart is tainted with sin,’ they said in the Jumma’a noon prayer sermon.

They emphasized the importance of the people being certain of the representatives they are going to vote for. The target should be the honest and sincere nominee, who is ready to hold people’s interests above personal and sectoral ones. In addition, the Imams underscored the unity of the Kuwaiti people, warning against any harm to such cohesion since people are “all in the same ship.” They also called on Kuwaitis to avoid causes of confl ict, corruption and treason. Kuwaitis are heading to the ballots on Saturday, Nov 26, to choose 50 MPs for the National Assembly’s 15th Legislative Term.

Up to 193 candidates, males and females, are standing for the elections. Eligible voters hit 483,186. The parliamentary elections are held according to decree 20/2012, amended by law 42/2006 on reorganizing the electoral constituencies. As per Law 20/2012, the first 10 candidates with most votes will win seats in parliament in each constituency. Voters can only vote for one candidate per the constituency they’re registered in.

The National Assembly was dissolved by an Amiri Decree on Oct 16. Meanwhile, the Kuwait Municipality has removed 27 illegal electoral ads from the streets of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, it said on Friday. The emergency team of the governorate’s municipality department have taken away the 27 unlicensed electoral ads of candidates standing for the 2016 National Assembly (parliament) elections slated for Saturday, Nov 26, Mubarak Al-Kabeer’s public relations section added in a brief statement.

It noted that work would continue targeting any other illegal ads. On Wednesday, it was announced that the municipality monitoring bodies had removed 61 illegal electoral ads in Mubarak Al-Kabeer in two days, in addition to 548 in Al Farwaniyah Governorate since the election campaigns kicked off. The Kuwait Municipality had urged the candidates to abide by the relevant laws to secure a smooth electoral process. On Thursday, the Municipality Director General Ahmad Al- Manfouhi said in a press statement that no effort was spared to depict a favorable and democratic image of Kuwait through the Saturday elections. Al-Manfouhi added that some 5,953 illegal advertisements were removed.

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