Tuesday , October 23 2018

‘Practice ethical power, stem Israeli’s atrocities’

Tackle Rohingya crisis: Kuwait

Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim during the voting for listing Kuwait in finding solution to the Rohingya crisis.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Oct 16, (KUNA): National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim has called for the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to be turned into an “ethical authority” that can practise direct criticism, warning, admonition and freezing against members that do not commit themselves to the IPU’s principles. Addressing the IPU’s 137th Session in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Monday, Al-Ghanim added that he could understand the belief and the desire not to turn the IPU into a “tribunal.”

“However, in turn, pardon me, I find it hard to grasp how the alternative is turning (the IPU) into a chatting and theorizing forum. Is not there a third way?” he said. The Kuwaiti chief parliamentarian underlined the necessity of having an IPU with an ethical authority that can take the necessary measures against any member legislature that do not abide by the principles of the union’s statute. Al-Ghanim cited the Israeli violations against Palestinians over seven decades; occupying others’ lands and building settlements in their cities and villages; killing unarmed people, and denying followers of other faiths to practice their rituals.

These are neither ambiguous nor controversial matters, but they are as obvious as ever, with a huge deal of brutality, he said. Al-Ghanim noted that he was not asking for emotional measures to be taken, but demanding “practicing of our (IPU’s) ethical authority toward Israel’s old, flagrant and perpetual violations, that are considered by all the resolutions of the international legitimacy “obvious violations of their collective principles.” He also referred to the Israel’s concrete separation wall, built at the era of open spaces. “How crazy it is.” He called for practising all forms of pressure on the Knesset, and activating the IPU’s authority, as an entity that brings together representatives of the world people — looking forward to freedom, dignity and justice — to take the necessary measures to maintain the union’s prestige and reputation and principles.

Referring to the “disaster” of the Rohingya Muslims, Al-Ghanim said it offered the “most flagrant model of rejecting the other on ethnical, religious and cultural basis.” Despite the repeated appeals and denunciations by the UN and the international community, the disaster is accelerating as the world is “merely watching,” he said.

He highly appreciated the IPU’s members for their overwhelming vote in favor of comprising the Rohingyas’ tragedy as an urgent item on the IPU conference agenda. The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference continued its deliberations on Monday by discussing an emergency item on the Rohingya humanitarian crisis. The conference yesterday approved the inclusion of the Rohingya humanitarian crisis as an emergency item on the agenda of the conference currently being held in St Petersburg.

In this regard, members of the Kuwaiti parliamentary caucus participating in the conference praised the approval of Kuwait’s proposal on the Rohingya crisis as an emergency item on the agenda of the Inter- Parliamentary Union. They said in press statements after the voting session to approve the inclusion of this item as an emergency topic on the agenda that this step is an honor for the Kuwaiti parliament and its members who exerted vigorous efforts under the chairmanship of Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim through his contact and coordination with the other parliamentary delegations. They pointed out that there are moral and legal obligations after this vote, whether through the enactment of legislation and laws that protect Muslim minorities in all societies.

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