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Power outage negatively hit reserved areas in farms

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: Treasurer of Kuwait Farmers Association Awda Al-Dhufairi lamented that majority of the farms in Abdali area experienced power outage due to the rain and sandstorm in the country last Saturday, reports Al-Anba daily.

He stressed that the power outage negatively impacted the reserved areas scattered in the farms which are worth millions of dinar, affirming that the farmers will not hesitate to sue the concerned individual or authority if they continue to incur losses.

Al-Dhufairi said the association will not stay idle and watch the dereliction of duty by officials from Ministry of Electricity and Water, warning that it will knock on all doors, as it will not allow any wastage of farmers’ funds.

He indicated that this is the early planting season due to which such power outages will lead to destruction of farm products, adding that the government should proffer solutions to the problem that has continued to persist for several years

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