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Police officer denies torturing Filipino maid – May be ‘Someone’

MANILA, March 12, (Agencies): Quoting Attorney Faisal Al-Otaibi who is defending the sponsor of the Filipina housemaid, who reportedly sought refuge in the Philippines embassy and claimed she was tortured and maltreated, denies the allegations reports Al-Anba daily of Kuwait

The sponsor who is a police officer stated in front of the Department of Home Employment that he did not torture the maid and said may be ‘someone’ else did since there are torture marks with cigarette butts on her body, but the maid insisted that it is the officer who ‘burned’ her and tortured her.

Al-Otaibi explained ‘someone else’ may have tortured her after she escaped from her sponsor last Friday and demanded to know her whereabouts after she escaped. He added, his sponsor does not even smoke. He also denied any family member torturing the maid.

The officer claimed the maid had escaped two days earlier and the torture marks looked new. A security source said the time of causing injuries shall be determined by Forensics and Criminal Evidences Department can determine the exact time. The Philippines Ambassador to the country Renato Pedro Villa regretted the recent attack on the Filipina by her employer. He said she is severely beaten and her body contains many bruises and burns.

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