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Wednesday , October 20 2021

Police launch hunt for 2 Africans & a Lebanese counterfeiters

KUWAIT CITY, March 18: Police are looking for two Africans and their Lebanese accomplice for counterfeiting Kuwaiti dinars, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, this happened when an unidentified Kuwaiti agreed to buy American dollars from the Lebanese for less than the actual value.

The Lebanese allegedly succeeded in convincing the Kuwaiti it was part of money laundering and when the Kuwaiti agreed to the deal, he invited the Lebanese to his Diwaniya who arrived with the two African men.

Both sides exchanged 10,000 dinars for US dollars but somehow the Lebanese and his two accomplices got involved in a dispute with the Kuwaiti over the exchange rate and the Kuwaiti was given back his money and the other party left with their dollars intact.

When the Kuwaiti entered his house and checked the currency he discovered he had been duped because the print on the Kuwaiti bank notes was not genuine and the banknotes smelled of something like toothpaste. A complaint has been filed with the Firdous Police Station.

The Kuwaiti has given police the description and phone number of the Lebanese. Personnel from the Counterfeiting Department of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are looking for the three suspects.

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