Saturday , December 15 2018

Police impersonator a bedoun held for kidnapping Jordanian woman

KUWAIT CITY, April 14: Police have arrested a bedoun for impersonating police and ‘kidnapping’ a Jordanian woman while she was in company of her fiancé, reports Al-Anba daily.

A security source said the Hawalli police patrol saw two vehicles in a hot chase and stopped both motorists — a Syrian and the bedoun.

The Syrian said he was travelling in a car with his fiancée when the bedoun stopped him, claimed he was a security man and took the woman in his car accusing her of violating a residence law. “The impersonator told me to follow him to the Salmiya Police Station”, the Syrian said during interrogation.

He added, when he went to the police station he was informed the person who stopped him might be an impersonator, so he went to the home of his fiancée and saw her just getting down from the vehicle of the bedoun, so he chased him.

The bedoun admitted to several crimes including impersonating police and having forced sex with two Asian women who surrendered to him for fear of being deported because they were violators of residence law.

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