Plan to sue MoI over fire incident in Central Prison – Kuwaiti woman acquitted of fraud

KUWAIT CITY, June 28: Attorney of the victims of Central Prisons fire incident Ali Al-Ali declared the intention to sue Ministry of Interior over the incident after a visit to various hospitals to ascertain the condition of his clients. He affirmed that his clients are in a dreadful state, and blames the Ministry of Interior for ineptitude and failure to protect the lives of inmates in the absence of contingency plan for disaster. He stressed the ministry did not inform the relatives of concerned inmates about their situation, indicating he was surprised when some relatives of the victims urged him to ascertain the condition of their people. He reiterated readiness to sue the ministry and seek civil compensations for the inmates.

Woman acquitted: The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman, in her 50s, of allegedly swindling a compatriot youth of KD 30,000-worth soft loan. The Public Prosecution charged the woman for conspiring with another individual to prepare a blank cheque to indicate that the plaintiff defaulted in refunding the loan. They used the document to secure a court verdict, ordering the plaintiff to pay the amount. However, the defense counsel Attorney Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan stressed the lack of concrete evidences to indict his client, affirming that the procrastinating report of the incident indicated a trick to distort what really transpired.

Liquor peddler held: An Asian man was arrested in Mahboula for trading in locally- manufactured alcohol with 100 bottles in his possession. While patrolling the area, a security team noticed the erratic movement of a vehicle so they signaled for the driver, an Asian, to pull over. When they demanded for his identification documents, the officers realized that he looked agitated. This prompted the officers to inspect the vehicle thoroughly, leading to the discovery of 100 bottles of local alcohol. During interrogation, the suspect admitted to selling local alcohol. He was referred to the concerned security department for legal measures. In another incident, an Indian was arrested in Mangaf for the possession of three bottles of local alcohol.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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