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Wednesday , February 26 2020

Phone users to lose cars; ‘Drifters’ cars will be confiscated for 2 months

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 20: Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh issued a circular to traffic departments and sections to refrain from confiscating the Roadworthiness Certificate of vehicles when issuing a traffic citation.

According to a source from the General Traffic Department (GTD), the department instructed its officers to confiscate only the driving licenses of violators and impound their vehicles in cases which warrant such punitive measures, not the Roadworthiness Certificate.

The source said some motorists, especially those whose vehicles belong to their sponsors, commit traffic violations which result in confiscation of the certificate but once that happens, their sponsors are unable to use the vehicles due to lack of this vital certificate.

The GTD also instructed its personnel to continue implementing traffic laws strictly to deter reckless driving by impounding vehicles for two months, particularly the motorists who put their lives and that of others in danger.

It also emphasized the need to intensify traffic campaigns on the streets and areas frequented by reckless motorists, especially during weekends.

It called on parents to refrain from giving their vehicles to their teenaged children as some of them use these vehicles to go to school, affirming it will not hesitate in referring young reckless motorists to the Juvenile Court and impound their vehicles. It warned that such punishment will cause a delay in applying for driving licenses once these teenagers reach the legal age.

The Traffic Law states that it is permissible for the traffic police to impound a vehicle if the motorist is using mobile phone while driving. At the same time, the traffic police can issue another citation for not paying attention while driving to the same motorist.


By Munaif Nayef, Mishal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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