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Wednesday , March 20 2019

Passport seized by sponsor

My question is in regard to my passport. I worked for a company for over five years and I had to file a case to be able to get a release. I finally received my release now and I am trying to get my passport; my old employer took my passport when I was first hired and she has the passport and she refused to return the passport. What is my legal option to be able to get my passport back?

Name withheld

Answer: You need to go back to the official who handled your release issue and report back to him or her that your employer is refusing to give you back your passport despite a judgement given in your favour with regard to your release.

If you however don’t make any headway with the head official, we advise that you file a case at a court to seek redress. To be able to do this successfully we suggest that you involve your embassy if you have one which may help you seek the services of a lawyer to fight the case on your behalf.

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