Thursday , December 13 2018

Parliament ‘will’ confront FIFA with sport law facts

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 5: The Parliament Office held a meeting on Monday during which it discussed authorizing MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf and MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji to attend the meeting scheduled to be held in Lausanne City on Saturday, Oct 10 and Sunday, Oct 11 in which the two parts of the pertinent crisis – the government represented by Minister of Information and State Minister for Youth and Sports Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah versus the Head of Kuwait Football Association and Chairman of Olympic Committee Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad — will participate.

According to parliamentary sources, both sides will present their pleas based on their respective viewpoints so that FIFA can take a decision regarding the crisis of suspension of Kuwaiti sports activities prior to the grace period allotted by FIFA for the Kuwaiti government to modify its sports laws in line with the international sports laws.

They affirmed that MPs Al-Mayouf and Al-Turaiji will be informed about the decision concerning their authorization on Tuesday, Oct 6 so that they can be prepared for the meeting in Lausanne City to reject FIFA’s message which threatened to suspend the sports activities in the country.

The MPs will be expected to convince FIFA that Kuwaiti sports laws do not oppose the international laws or the Olympic pact and that the government does not interfere in the activities of the sports unions. Indicating that the government indeed rejects FIFA instructions, the sources said, “Kuwait’s representatives will inform FIFA that its message is based on incorrect information obtained from the adversaries of the government”.

They revealed that pressures were imposed on the government to reject FIFA’s message and expose those who support it, clarifying that the parliament will take every constitutional step in case the Kuwaiti sports activities are suspended, which will in turn bring mess into the country of institutions.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji submitted a letter to Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim, in which he asked the Speaker to stop directly or indirectly supporting the clubs which are supporting the call to suspend the Kuwaiti sports activities and refusing to participate in competitions, before issuing a decision to dismiss the boards of these clubs and appoint other boards temporarily. He also recommended discussing to suspend supporting the Asian Olympic Council and reviewing the draft laws to privatize sports clubs as part of the agenda of a special session, adding that the draft law for modifying the voting mechanism in the sports elections to make it one-vote system should also be discussed during that session.

In his message, Al-Turaiji said, “It is sad that the ones who support FIFA’s threat against Kuwait are the Chairman of Asian Olympic Council Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad and the Chairman of Olympic Committee Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad.

They urged sports clubs to not participate in sports competitions as a way of supporting the stance against the government for achieving personal and political interests”. In addition, MP Rakan Al-Nesf affirmed that the sports crisis does not have any link to the current laws but is related to the conflicts among the members of the ruling family, due to which the sports file has become a tool of negotiation for settling their conflicts. He insisted that the country should not be involved in the conflicts among the members of the ruling family.

By Raed Yousef, Ayed Al-Enezi and Nasser Qadeh Al-Seyassah Staff

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