Wednesday , January 23 2019

Some parents help wards cheat – Bid to help children obtain high marks in exams

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: Some parents, in order for their children to obtain high marks by cheating, have been taking them to certain schools that are known to facilitate cheating, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources. They explained that cheating in exams is facilitated by employees of such schools based on their personal relations with the parents.

In some cases, the managers of schools ask their colleagues to help those students to cheat or give them the answers to the examination questions. A student Wa’ad Ahmed revealed that the mother of her classmate is a close friend of the head of a department in their school and the latter receives gifts before each exam in order to help the student cheat during the exam.

Another student Aisha Al-Azmi said she obtained 85 percent marks due to the difficulty of the exams and because she did not cheat.

However, her classmate, who is not as good as her in studies, obtained 93 percent, thanks to SnapChat which leaked the exam questions. Another student Mohammad Marzouq explained that there are two ways of cheating via SnapChat.

The first is that the cheating student goes to the toilet, sees the answers on the mobile phone that he hides well, writes the answers on a sheet of paper and then copies them to his question papers. Some schools prevent students from going to the toilets during the exams.

However, some students obtain medical reports via “wasta” to indicate that they suffer from diabetes and have to go to the toilet frequently. The other way is that some of the family members of the cheating students obtain the answers from Snap- Chat and the student receives these answers via tiny headphones installed inside their ears.

A number of students’ parents urged the concerned authorities to arrest those responsible for leaking the answers to examination questions via social media. They lamented that a student who works hard throughout the year is equalized with those who spend all their time playing.

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