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Parents demanding ‘opening’ of private schools for integrated mode of teaching

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KUWAIT CITY, March 31: Several parents recently met with acting Director of the Special Education Department at the Ministry of Education (MoE) Dr Salman Al-Lafi; during which they handed over an official letter demanding the opening of private schools for the integrated mode of teaching (online and in the classroom), provided these schools are willing and able to implement the health regulations aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus, reports Al-Qabas daily. During the meeting, the parents expressed fear about the losses incurred in the previous year.

They said the mental health of students should be taken into consideration; asserting that integrated education will prepare the students psychologically for the return to schools in September. They added that they have asked the Ministry of Education to deal with the private sector differently and not to link it with the possibility of private school students going to government schools, just as it did with schools for people with special needs. They called for flexibility in the ministry’s policy towards private education. They also emphasized the need to grant parents the right to choose the most appropriate education system for their children — whether remotely or the integrated system.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is currently coordinating with its health counterpart regarding the implementation of precautionary health measures during the second semester exams of secondary stage students, reports Al-Anba daily. The Ministry of Health will provide medical supplies, including masks, sterilizers and thermal devices, to apply the health regulations and guarantee the safety of students. Also, the daily obtained a copy of the Ministry of Education’s recent statistical report; stating that the number of students expected to take the second semester exams in the scientific and literary majors, religious institute and home education reached 51,827.

The report revealed that the number of committees in schools reached 300; indicating that the number of workers in the control divisions of the scientific and literary majors as well as the religious institute reached 1,800 while the number of technical and administrative supervisors and teachers who will be present during the exams totaled 101,761. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has formed joint committees with the Ministry of Health in all educational districts to oversee the implementation of health regulations for the gradual return of students to the schools.

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