Panel endorses Arab Convention against Terrorism – MPs clear GCC Common Law

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: The parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee on Sunday endorsed the GCC Common Law on Anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures and Safeguards.

The committee will submit its report to the National Assembly for voting on the GCC Common Law in its session on Tuesday.

Committee Rapporteur MP Mohammed Tana Al-Anazi confirmed the decision was taken during a meeting Sunday with representatives of the ministries of Interior and Justice. He explained the GCC Common Law is in line with Article 70 of the Kuwaiti Constitution, stating the law defines dumping as “exporting a commodity to GCC countries at a price lower than the normal value in the ordinary course of trade.”

He added the committee also recommended approval of the Arab Convention against Terrorism, while it postponed discussion on the GCC Agreement on Combating Terrorism until the next meeting as it is still waiting for the government’s letter in this regard.

Moreover, the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee tackled the proposed amendments to Commercial Agencies Law No. 36/1964 in the presence of Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Yousif Al-Ali .

Committee Rapporteur MP Mohammed Al-Jabri disclosed the government and Parliament suggested amendments to the law, indicating there has been an agreement to modify 22 articles of the law. He said the proposed amendments are related to protecting the rights of agents and clients, ensuring fair competition between commercial agencies for the benefit of the local market, and offering the best products to consumers.

He affirmed the committee recommended approval of the law and submitted it to the Parliament for inclusion in the agenda for the Dec 15 session.

Meanwhile, after the announcement on accepting the resignation of Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Ahmed Al-Jassar and reshuffling some ministerial posts including the transfer of Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair to the Ministry of Public Works in addition to his duties as State Minister for National Assembly Affairs, several MPs, especially those who threatened to submit interpellation motions against these ministers, have vowed to pursue them to ensure that the government takes action regarding the violations committed in their former posts.

Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh was appointed acting Oil Minister while State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah will serve as acting Electricity and Water Minister.

According to MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti, this step was taken to address several pending issues including the interpellation motions against the ministers. He expects more ministerial reshuffles in the next three months, clarifying there is no need to change the ministers of Justice and Awqaf.

Asked about his expectations on the government reshuffle or resignation of the whole government, Dashti thinks the possibility of the entire government resigning is nil.

MP Sadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi said he will follow up the interpellation motion he submitted against Al-Jassar with Al-Omair. He claimed former Minister Abdul Aziz Ibrahim believes there have been irregularities in the airport project, but Al-Jassar thinks otherwise.

He urged Al-Omair to review the interpellation points, protect public money, and put the airport project for bidding again because the State might waste KD 500 million if the current offer is accepted.

MP Khalil Al-Saleh said the transfer of Al-Omair to the Ministry of Public Works will not eliminate violations mentioned in his interpellation motion against the minister, whether in the oil sector or the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources.

Al-Saleh stressed the responsibility for those violations is now on the shoulders of the new minister — Anas Al-Saleh — who must prove his seriousness in addressing the issue. He added it is now time to reclaim agricultural plots which were unjustly awarded to companies and certain personalities.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim
Arab Times Staff

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