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Over hundred fishermen and stall owners boycott auctions

Fish market crisis renewed in Sharq

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: The fish market crisis was renewed in Sharq lately where more than 100 fishermen and owners of stalls entered a challenge with the Minister of Trade and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan due to the new regulations organizing auctions, stipulating it’s not permissible to sell in the market without a broker licensed by the ministry, reports Al-Qabas daily.

While the regulation was welcomed by a large number of consumers, quite a lot of fishermen and stall owners expressed their grievances and refrained from auctions, which caused the decrease in supplies and disappearance of some types of fish. The Ministry of Commerce responded to what happened by stressing “there is no going back on the application of laws to protect consumers”.

Market leaders assured Al-Qabas that the regulation preserves everyone’s rights, especially with regard to the distribution of shares of fish quantities in the markets, whether for individuals, companies or restaurants. They indicated that quantities that entered auctions on that day were somewhat few, compared to the past days.

Consumers stated the need to implement the provisions of regulations by the employees of the Ministry of Commerce with the aim of curbing prices that suddenly rise in auctions, which reflects negatively on the pockets of citizens.

They noted the appointment of an observer and assistants by the ministry will intensify supervision and reduce violations. They stated the regulation included distributing shares of fish quantities at rates of 30 percent for individual consumers, 35 percent for companies and restaurants, and 35 percent for stall holders.

They noted this distribution method ensures that each party gets its appropriate share, and therefore, no price increase occurs on most types except for days when there’s less catch. The daily learned from informed sources that a sum of 20 dinars collected by the Ministry of Trade is insurance for those wishing to enter the auction, among owners of stalls, companies and restaurants only, to be recovered immediately after the completion of auction.

The same sources added the Ministry of Commerce will consider the issue of non-entry of owners of stalls for local fish caught that afternoon. They stressed it will implement regulations and procedures in this regard to organize the activities of auctions and the purpose of establishing fish markets.

In a related context, Director of Commercial Control Department Faisal Al-Ansari confirmed validity of the application of fish market regulations that organize market auctions, noting regulations in force in the market is in line with trade control and consumer protection.

Al-Ansari said the new regulation comes within the framework of monitoring the markets and activating governance of fish auctions to ensure stable prices, the regularity of bidding operations and effectiveness of monitoring their procedures. He assured it is to protect consumer interests to achieve the greatest transparency and clarity related to prices.

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