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Wednesday , August 17 2022

Original Passport required to do money transfer if you are on Visa 14 (Temporary residence)

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Dear Sir, This is to acquire information on the residence status in Kuwait in the following circumstances. Due to some reasons the immigration department issues 3 or more months extension of residence under 14. ID of the person will be invalid during this period of extension. Please clarify whether the person’s status will be resident or non resident while he is on extension?

During this period whether he will be able to do remittances with his ID card? Or whether he has to produce the original Passport, for remittances? Appreciating your early response. Thanking you

Name withheld

Answer: Article 14 visas are temporary residence permits issued to legal residents who for various reasons have the processes of renewing their permanent resident permits delayed but which are in progress of being renewed.

The main reason behind the issuing of Article 14 visa is to prevent the recipient from being classified as illegal resident.

In as much as one’s permanent residence visa is not cancelled and one leaves the country one remains a resident.

The validity of your Civil ID is linked to the validity of your permanent residence permit. Hence if you are on Visa 14 you will need your original passport to be able to transfer money outside Kuwait since the banks or money exchanges will not accept an expired Civil ID.

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