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Only Kuwaitis by 2022

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has stressed that all government institutions must adhere to the Kuwaitization of government jobs to meet the deadline, reports Al-Rai daily. According to CSC sources, the plan was approved in 2017 and government institutions and agencies were told to implement the replacement plan over a period of five years (by 2022) “without exceptions” saying all government bodies are bound by the rules and procedures of ‘Kuwaitization’ to address the defective demographic structure and replacing expatriates with citizens in specific jobs.

An official source at the CSC confirmed to Al-Rai that Resolution No. 11 of 2017 of the Commission regarding Kuwaitization of government jobs in ministries and government departments will continue, without exceptions. The source stated some government institutions had earlier submitted requests to exclude some of their employees from the replacement plan and to reconsider the number of employees to be replaced annually, within the plan, but “the CSC has stuck to its decision, based on its keenness to implement its plan that was approved in 2017.”

The source added “the CSC has been working on the replacement plan since its adoption, without considering the requests of government agencies to reconsider the numbers to be quantified,” saying 2022 will be the last year to implement the replacement plan. Meanwhile, the Kuwait University Workers Union has addressed a letter to the Minister of Oil, Minister of Higher Education, and Supreme President of the University Dr. Muhammad Al-Fares about the non-disbursement of the summer semester bonuses to the KU administrators and assistant secretaries, although the University has paid the bonuses to the academic staff, support staff and the university administration unlike previous years, reports Al-Qabas daily. The union in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the daily, has denounced this KU administration decision and requested to take into consideration the disbursement of employee bonuses for the aforementioned summer semester, bearing in mind that it is a genuine right of employees.

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