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Number of MPs vehemently oppose proposal to categorize power usage – Govt should search for other alternatives: MP Jalal

KUWAIT CITY, April 9: A number of lawmakers vehemently opposed the government’s proposal of categorizing electricity consumption and the related report of the parliament’s Finance Committee, stressing that they will not support any hike in the expenses of the citizens, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

MP Sultan Al-Lugaisam affirmed his rejection of any proposal that will impact citizens with limited and low incomes, irrespective of the authority that submits the proposal. He said the proposal concerning electricity consumption which was discussed by the Finance Committee did not take into consideration the ordinary citizens, affirming that all such proposals will be rejected when they are presented with the committee’s report to the Parliament.

Meanwhile, MP Dr Mohammad Al-Huwaila insisted that he will oppose anything that will negatively impact the rights of the citizens, lamenting that the policy of preserving consumption which targets only citizens is unacceptable.

Furthermore, MP Talal Al-Jalal said any increase in tariffs of electricity and water consumption in private houses will be opposed because of its negative impact on citizens with limited income. He asked the government to apply its proposal of electricity consumption categorization on investment housing sector and the commercial and economic sectors, if it is insistent on implementing the proposal.

Al-Jalal stressed that the government should search for other alternatives to increase its income without looking at the citizens’ pockets, adding that it should reorganize the country’s administrative system, review the rents of some of its properties and assess the authorities that represent a burden on the general budget.

In addition, MP Madhi Al-Hajri affirmed his rejection of the government’s proposal, revealing that, “The MPs will block it and it will not be passed in the Parliament”. He said, “We took an oath to protect citizens and preserve their rights. We will not accept becoming partners in constraining their livelihood by adding to their financial burdens.

The Parliament will not allow the government to pass this proposal, as it impacts the daily life of the citizens either directly or through its repercussions on the services of which the charges will be increased fourfold”. MP Al-Hajri went on to say, “With such a proposal, the government has broken its promise of avoiding any negative impacts on the financial situations of the citizens. This has happened even though the current Parliament has been the most cooperative with the government. Nevertheless, we refuse to cooperate with it at the expense of ordinary citizens”. He recommended excluding owners of private houses from any government proposal or report of Parliament’s Finance Committee in this regard.

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