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Saturday , August 24 2019

Number of MPs express shock over latest Expat Insider survey “Kuwait as the worst country for expatriates” – Report contradicts reality: Khalil Al-Saleh

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: A number of MPs expressed shock and resentment over the latest Expat Insider survey carried out by the InterNations group which classified Kuwait as the worst country for expatriates, reports Al-Rai daily.

They wondered how expatriates pay large sums of money for coming to work in Kuwait, stressing that there are three million expatriates in Kuwait and many of them have been living here for decades. According to the report, 35 percent of expatriates in Kuwait consider Kuwaiti citizens as friendly.

On the other hand, 87 percent of the expatriates living in Oman consider Omani citizens as friendly. Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Mubarak Al-Khurainej described the report as unfair, insisting that Kuwait is the best Arab country for expatriates as they have access to excellent medical and educational services. He affirmed that Kuwaiti people are known for treating expatriates well, pointing out the fact that Kuwait is the ‘Global Humanitarian Center’ and His Highness the Amir holds the title of ‘Global Humanitarian Leader’.

Al-Khurainej said, “If some companies are mistreating expatriates, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor supports those expatriates and helps them in getting their rights”. He insisted on the need for carrying out a real survey to show the reality of the good lives of expatriates in Kuwait. MP Khalil Al-Saleh revealed his astonishment over such a report, stressing that expatriates pay a lot of money to come to work in Kuwait because they have access to high-level educational and medical services at cheap costs. He insisted that there is something wrong with the report because it contradicts reality.

MP Abdullah Mayouf said the organization that issued such a report is clearly aiming to defame Kuwait and cut the strong ties between Kuwaitis and expatriates. He indicated that both citizens and expatriates are equal in front of the law, pointing out the fact that many expatriates marry Kuwaiti women and many Kuwaitis marry expatriate women, which reflects the strong relationship shared between citizens and expatriates.

Head of parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee MP Sultan Al-Lughaisam insisted that the report is incorrect and contradicts reality, affirming that those who issued this report have certain hidden agendas. He indicated that Kuwait has a large number of expatriates who come to Kuwait to work and they enjoy excellent services and the protection of state authorities and laws.

MP Kamel Al-Awadhi said the report lacks credibility especially since 70 percent of the people in Kuwait are expatriates, stressing that the good condition they live in is evident from the remittances they send to their countries. Affirming that the state does not limit the amounts remitted by them, Al-Awadhi explained that Kuwait was ranked seventh globally by World Bank in 2014/2015 in terms of the total amount of money transferred outside the country.

He indicated that the report was based on five factors, which are quality of living, ease in merging in the society, financial status, family life and work affairs. Al-Awadhi stressed that both citizens and expatriates receive the same services of electricity, water, fuel and medicine, adding that merging in the society depends on the willingness of expatriates. He indicated that some expatriates get higher salaries than many citizens. He wondered about the number of expatriates who had participated in the survey.

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  1. InterNations has recently become aware of how much shock and dismay the latest results of our annual Expat Insider study seem to have caused among Kuwaiti citizens. We are sorry to hear that the 2016 survey report has given rise to such offense, which was certainly not our intention.

    We are the world’s largest global network for expatriates around the world, giving everyone the opportunity to connect and socialize; as such, we are not affiliated with any government, think tank, IGO, NGO, or any other organization with a political agenda. With the Expat Insider survey, we simply intend to find out more about everyday life among expats around the world and how happy they feel in their chosen destination.

    You can find some more information on the methodology in the publicly available survey report on our Expat Insider website. All in all, the ranking is supposed to highlight the subjective satisfaction of the participants; it does not touch upon any such topics as, for example, the number of expat residents in a particular destination or their legal status and rights.

    Kind regards,
    The InterNations Team

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