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Saturday , December 14 2019

Notice period and Indemnity settlement

I have a problem regarding the 3-month notice period. I was terminated Aug 3 after which my company give me an option: first 1 month no work with pay and after 1 week all my settlement including indemnity would be paid.

I took this option because I believed that they would honor their word but now they are refusing to abide by this agreement.

Is this legal.

Now I have been given another option : you must work the 3 months period with pay. Is this also legal?

I have been told that even if I find a new job they will not allow me to start the new job until I complete the notice period.

Now they have told me that I will get the indemnity when my residence is already for transfer to the new company.

Is this legal?

Name withheld

Answer: First of all, the company is within its rights to make you serve the whole notice period.

It can let you go before that but this matter is totally at the discretion of the company and you can’t do anything about it.

Secondly, most companies adopt the same stand on the issue of indemnity and link it to transfer of residence. There is nothing wrong about it.

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