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Noose pulled on visa traders – Permit selling for KD 2,300

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 24: The issue of demographics has to be tackled with patience and careful planning, reports Al-Rai daily quoting concerned government sources. The source added addressing the imbalance will be done through regulatory decisions related to the labor market that are expected to be issued by the Supreme Committee to amend the demographics during its next meeting.

The sources pointed one of the decisions expected to be taken by the committee is to allow men working on development projects to move to another project after the end of the contract instead of asking the worker to pack his bags.

The sources pointed out strict measures are currently being taken by the state to tighten control over the flow of expatriates and fight visa traders. It has been reported a work visa at the moment sells for KD 2,300.

The sources attributed the imbalance in the demographics to the huge number of marginal workers who number at more than one million – fishermen, farmers and shepherds. The sources also pointed out the productive expatriate workers in the country do not exceed 400,000 compared to 1.7 million marginal workers.

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