Wednesday , September 26 2018

Noor Capital Markets announces winner of grand campaign – Employees honored at annual Ghabqa

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Attended by the company’s staff with their families as well as friends, businessmen and representatives of the Kuwaiti media; Noor Capital Markets has held its annual Ghabqa in Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Naser Al Marri, Vice-Chairman-Board of Directors thanked the staff for their excellent performance, which builds the leading success, maintains the prestigious reputation of the company and builds a loyal customer base which are the real achievements of Noor Capital Markets.

“I am pleased to see all the company’s team here in a family gathering in the holy month of Ramadan, the month of peace and goodwill all over the world. In addition, I extend my appreciation to the staff and their remarkable achievements that created a distinguished history of the company. We are also announcing a new expression for the company’s logo, in which we have preserved the key features of the old logo with a professional touch that celebrates the spirit of our business.” Al-Marri proceeded.

“Tonight we are announcing the winner of our annual grand competition and hand over the grand prize -Camaro Sport 2017 for winner who has achieved the highest profit in his account in this competition. We thank him for his loyalty and attractive performance. We also announce the two other winners who won the second and third prizes and we thank all for their genuine confidence in Noor Capital Markets.” Al-Marri continued.

“The labor market has proved that one of the most important assets of any successful company is its working staff, this is what we are proud of. Our professional team with a high spirits maintains the best levels of quality performance and keeps developing and upgrading their skills. “The team has developed over the past decade remarkable, fast and strong procedures that supported our expansion policy in the region, the Middle East and Turkey”. Al-Marri concluded. The audience enjoyed their pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the Ghabqa with Noor Capital Markets team.


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