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Tuesday , October 19 2021

Nod to use of weapon by police

KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The recent murder of martyr on duty, policeman Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi, has cast a shadow over the procedures adopted by the Ministry of Interior, especially with regard to the prohibitions of weapons use by security personnel, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Following this incident the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major- General Faraj Al-Zoubi has issued a circular specifying seven cases during which security personnel are allowed to use weapons to control violent behavior, resisting arrest in addition to mandating the presence of two patrolmen in each vehicle while on patrol duty. Circular No. 168/2021 issued by Major- General Al-Zoubi, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, contains instructions and standing orders for directors- general of security directorates in all governorates, directors of operations and patrol departments and area commanders to inform the police force in case a patrol is dispatched to answer calls or implement operations and service orders for conducting patrols, or temporary confirmation in certain places or locations, or to go out to carry out any other security mission.

On the issue of using firearms, commitment and adherence to the implementation of the instructions and orders related to the use of weapons and shooting as stipulated in Article (2) of Ministerial Resolution 727/2019, according to the following cases — a person convicted of a felony or imprisonment, if he resists or attempts to escape; a suspect accused of a fl agrant felony or misdemeanor, if he resists or tries to escape; a person who is wanted by law but resists arrests or tries to escape; while dispersing a gathering or demonstration if it involves seven people or more, and the purpose is to commit a crime, or the public security is endangered or the lives of people or property are at risk and if the people refuse to disperse after warning them and after all other means to disperse them fail; if a prisoner tries to escape; in self-defense and when dealing with people with hysteria or outbursts of anger out of emotional control, and that would harm himself or others, whether in a public or private place.

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