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Wednesday , April 24 2019

NOC for Pakistan visa

On the following link (which carries an article) you have mentioned that we can try to get an NOC from the Ministry of Interior in Sharq for Pakistani Visa (http://www.arabtimesonline. com/news/visit-visasfor- pakistani-nationals/) Can you please tell me the address of this office from where I can get the NOC?

Name withheld

Answer: As we mentioned earlier, all types of visas are being issued to Pakistanis but these are limited in number as the procedures to obtain these have been tightened. Only those who “know their way” around the various obstacles manage to get these visas because their issuance to Pakistanis is very, very restricted. In some cases, there is a requirement to obtain an NOC from the Ministry of Interior.

Applications in this regard are received by the Ministry of Interior in Sharq and the authority to issue these NOCs has now been delegated to an Assistant Undersecretary at the ministry. Earlier, this authority only lay with the Undersecretary, a very senior official whose ranking comes only after the minister.

The Ministry of Interior office where you need to give your application is located next to the Awqaf Complex (on Mubarak Al Kabeer Street) in Sharq, although the gate from where you will be allowed to enter lies on totally the opposite side on Othman Bin Affan Street.

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  1. he Ministry of Interior office in Sharq, didn’t even allow me to enter from the gate opposite side on Othman Bin Affan Street. They said if you have anything to do with NOC go to MOI Subhan.

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