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Tuesday , December 6 2022


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Amir praises democratic atmosphere on Tuesday – Speaker thankful for support

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has addressed a message to the Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim expressing deep relief at the democratic atmosphere that prevailed in Tuesday’s parliamentary session.

His Highness the Amir said he had followed up with utmost concern the debates that were held during the parliamentary session on the interpellation addressed to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al- Hamad Al-Sabah, as well as the decision to refer the case to the legislative committee to examine its legal bases. “I would like to express in this regard my great satisfaction at the democratic atmosphere that prevailed in the session and the high-esteem levels of presenting the diverse views on the interpellation,”

His Highness the Amir said in part in his message to the National Assembly Speaker. His Highness the Amir noted that he had called for resorting to reason, placing the country’s higher interests above any other consideration, in the shadow of the current “critical circumstances we have been passing through”, thanking majority of MPs for their understanding.

His Highness expressed confidence that the Speaker “would pursue the blessed process in cooperation with the members of the Cabinet for attaining the country’s loftiness”. Speaker Al-Ghanim said on Wednesday that the most significant point in His Highness the Amir message to him regarding yesterday’s session was his satisfaction at the classy dialogue under the ceiling of Abdullah Al-Salem Hall.

Four MPs spoke during Tuesday’s session; two were in favor of referring the interpellation motion against His Highness the Prime Minister to the Legislative Affairs Committee and two were against the step, he said.

The rhetoric was sophisticated, thus prompting His Highness the Amir to express relief in this regard, the Speaker said in a statement to journalists. Speaker Al-Ghanim expressed gratitude to His Highness for addressing the message of appreciation, which also implied renewal of support for the Parliament. His Highness the Amir’s message will be included in the next session agenda, he added. Meanwhile, the National Assembly session was adjourned one hour after convening Wednesday due to lack of quorum.

The Assembly was supposed to discuss the request of the Public Prosecution to lift the immunity of MPs Ahmed Al-Fadel, Mohammed Hayef and Khaled Al-Shatti. Treasurer MP Ouda Al-Ruwai’e, who presided over the session due to the absence of Speaker Al-Ghanim and Deputy Speaker Eissa Al-Kandari, told the press that by the time the Assembly was supposed to vote on the request, there were only 22 members present; thereby, nullifying the motion and lifting the immunity of the above mentioned MPs by default.

The request to lift the immunity of Hayef was submitted on June 10 and scheduled for discussion on Wednesday. According to the Constitution, the validity period already ended so the MP’s immunity was lifted by default.

On the other hand, the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee’s report on the case filed by Kuwait Transparency Society against Al-Fadel stated that the case is deemed malicious, although some MPs have disagreed because Al-Fadel allegedly described the society as traitors.

Al-Shatti pushed for lifting his immunity in order to address his case without political hindrance, considering the party that filed the case against him resides outside the country.

Furthermore, a number of MPs, including Riyadh Al-Adsani, pointed out that it was a mistake to adjourn the session. He said the absentee MPs are those who described interpellations as a waste of time and a hindrance to the development of the country, yet they are absent on the day slated for deliberation on vital bills.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff and Agencies