Wednesday , January 24 2018

‘No remains of Iraqi troops found’

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: The Interior Ministry recently searched for the remains of Iraqi soldiers, believed to be buried in a mass grave in the northern part of the country according to the coordinates provided by the US military, but no remains were found, reports Al- Rai daily.

The US Army had reportedly provided the coordinates of the grave where a number of Iraqis were killed and buried 26 years ago following the withdrawal from Kuwait during Kuwait’s liberation war. Security sources said the Ministry of Interior searched the entire site but did not find any remains.

The sources added the ministry used modern equipment and techniques in the search operation. It is worth mentioning Kuwait has received more than once the coordinates for the graves of the dead Iraqis who were killed during the liberation war and were buried in mass graves by the US Army.

All the remains that were found were handed over to the concerned Iraqi authorities several years ago.

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