Tuesday , August 21 2018

‘No rains, no desert truffles’ – Kuwaitis deprived of delicacy

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: Scarcity of rains this winter season, which has been the most extreme ever experienced in Kuwait, has deprived the people of Kuwait of local desert truffles to the extent that Kuwaiti, Saudi and Iraqi desert truffles are nowhere to be seen in the truffle market currently, which is the season for truffles, reports Arab Times daily.

Traders grieved over lack of rain this year, which has led to shortage of local truffles in the market especially those imported from Saudi Arabia which is the favorite among the local consumers. The local market is currently selling Moroccan and Algerian desert truffles which are shipped to Kuwait by air within 3-5 days. The freshness of the truffles is not affected but the traders called for facilitation of the shipment process through express service delivery.

A desert truffle trader said, “Kuwaitis love truffles. Even though the market experiences some fluctuations at times, it still receives buyers from all areas of Kuwait due to which the prices of truffles are high”. One kilogram of dessert truffles costs KD 8 and sometimes more depending on its freshness. Another trader said, “There are different types of truffles with various benefits. They are regarded as medicine for a number of diseases, which is why the demand for truffles is always high.”

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