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No progress made, grilling minister still on cards: MP – ‘Sack teacher accused of blasphemy’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeran has said the pivots of his grilling request against the Minister of Education Dr Bader Al- Issa are still valid. He added a recent meeting with the minister and his undersecretary clearly revealed that education issue has become a national burden, heavier than the minister himself, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Refuting his intention to withdraw the interpellation request, Al-Jeran said the minister was given grace period to specify his position, and he feels concerned educational officials and the undersecretaries are not keen on improving the educational system in the country, as some officials intentionally hinder the process. He stressed that the slip-up in education circle has not ceased, as two days ago, a lady responsible for teaching and educating children posted statements deemed offensive to the status of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Twitter. Al-Jeran said he had called the minister and asked him to investigate the teacher after suspending her for distorting the image of Islam on purpose. He stressed that sectarian dispute witnessed in the Parliament in the recent two sessions marred the positive image of tolerance observed among Kuwaitis after the last terrorist attack.

Regarding Dr Ali Al-Omair rotating Hashim Al-Hashim, CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, Al-Jeran said the minister’s decision was based on his capacity as the Minister of Oil, “so how is it possible to hold him responsible for his actions unless his powers are revoked”? Meanwhile, in a press statement MP Mohammad Tana said over the next two weeks the MPs will consider the possibility of listing areas which do not belong to any constituency because these areas were named after the Law No 42/2006 identifying the constituencies was issued, reports Al-Anba daily. He said there are nine such residential areas including Al-Nahda, Jaber Al- Ahmad and Saad Al-Abdullah.

He added this is one of the priorities of the next parliamentary sessions because a large number of citizens were deprived of casting their ballot during the earlier parliamentary elections. Sources said a decision is expected to be issued by the Parliament to identify the affiliation of these areas and list them in the electoral timetables. In another development, sources said a number of lawmakers are currently busy identifying the laws whose executive byelaws are not yet issued. He indicated the government is in charge of issuing such byelaws instead of pointing a finger at the Parliament, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The MPs emphasized there are important laws which need urgent attention such as the law of electronic crimes, DNA, domestic personnel, conscription and protection of environment. He revealed a meeting will be held soon between the executive and legislative authorities to identify the reasons behind the government’s delay in issuing executive byelaws. And, MP Ahmad Al-Qedhaibi has emphasized that the new draft law on tenders will end monopoly, help reduce State expenditures, and encourage healthy competition among companies, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a press statement, Al-Qedhaibi revealed the new draft law includes a number of modifications prepared by the Financial and Economic Committee in the Parliament. He also cited technical modifications which help protect the public fund, among which removing the condition of providing a local agent to allow submitting the tender which is open and available with or without the local agent. As for the opinion of traders and accredited agents regarding these modifications, he said the new draft law prioritizes the public good, not the traders; therefore, the citizens should accept any procedure which supports the national economy. He further said the modifications will also open the door for international companies to take part in tenders through the Internet; while the envelopes will be opened online in a transparent manner to select the best offer.

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