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‘No plan to sack 3,000 Ministry of Health bedouns’

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: The Ministry of Health has denied reports that it plans to end the services of 3,000 Bedoun employees next month, reports Al- Nahar daily. The ministry affirmed that it will not terminate their services, but will continue with their employment and will expedite payment of their wages on time without any delay, revealing that their monthly wages are KD 200.

Meanwhile, sources from Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs said the ministry is still unable to implement the Kuwaitization policy for the positions of imam and muezzin despite efforts exerted to lure graduates from College of Sharia and Islamic Studies to take up these positions. They revealed that there are only 56 Kuwaiti imams and muezzins while the rest are expatriates.

The sources attributed the disinterest of citizens for these two positions to the work timing, affirming that these two jobs are not like other jobs, as the official working hours end at noon but the salaries of those other jobs are similar to the salary of imams. They stressed the need to lure Kuwaiti youths to take up these jobs by providing attractive fi- nancial benefits and incentives as well as increasing allowances and establishing an institute for imams and preachers.

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