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Wednesday , March 29 2023

No new intimation for visa extension

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: The General Administration of Residency Affairs confirmed that the administration has not received any new instructions regarding the extension of residence and all kind of visit visas.

If the Ministry of the Interior decides to give extension, the system will be activated automatically on the computers without any need to review with the competent department whose residence and visit visas have expired.

In response to a question about many countries closing their airspace, and expatriates whose residency or visits have expired are facing a violation of the law, the source said: Regarding residency affairs, they are awaiting instructions, but unless these instructions are received, everyone whose stay or visit has expired must leave the country at the beginning Next September, otherwise they will be in violation of the law, and two dinars will be charged for each day of violation.

Instructions are awaited especially for those expats from 32 countries who are restricted from flying. If new intimation from Residence Affairs is not issued, then those with expired visas and residence will have to leave the country by first week of September or else will be violating the law and fine of two dinars a day will be charged.

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