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‘No let up in drug war’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has declared he will never be tried by an international court for mass killings in his war on drugs, and vowed no let up in a crackdown that he said he was winning and would see through “to the very end”.

In a television interview with a celebrity pastor, the firebrand leader said the Philippine justice system was working fine, so it would be “stupid” to imagine he would let an international court put him on trial. “I will only face, be tried or face a trial, in a Philippine court. Presided by a Filipino judge. Prosecuted by a Filipino … I will not answer a Caucasian, asking questions, white man there. You must be stupid,” he said late on Tuesday. “I am a Filipino. We have our courts here… Shit. You have to bring me somewhere else? I would not like that. I have my country. It’s working. I know it’s working. Justice is working here.” (RTRS)

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