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No grades, pay for 588 Indian nurses – MoH seeking to hire more staff

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26: How will the salaries of the new Indian nurses be paid and how will they be provided with employment grades, while there are 588 nurses also from India working in Kuwaiti government hospitals, who have yet to be given grades and paid their salaries for the past six months, reports Al- Rai daily.

This question should be answered by the Ministry of Health after forming a committee to travel to India to contract Indian nurses which had insisted on forming the committee based on a letter signed by the Department of Nursing Services and marked ‘Urgent and Important’.

The department has sent a letter to the Acting Undersecretary of the ministry Dr Mohammad Al- Khashti, with a list of members of the committee to contract nurses from Chennai, India.

The delegation is expected to leave for India between Oct 30 and Nov 10, coinciding with the announcement of the health minister related to studying a report on 588 Indian nurses working in the country for 6 months, who have yet to be given grades and paid their salaries. He denied reports which said about 300 nurses have been allocated grades and the rest will follow suit.

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