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No dearth of water in country – MEW gearing up for summer

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 30: Assistant Undersecretary for Power and Water Distillation Stations in the Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Fuad Al-Oun has affirmed that the current water reserve of the country is secure and stable, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a press statement, Al-AOun disclosed the water reserve did not drop below the minimum level during the annual maintenance program, although the decline is expected due to maintenance works in water distillation units.

He said, “Since Dec 14, the water reserve did not decline and it has been increasing till date.” He added the ministry’s departments are working together to secure the necessary level for electricity and water networks in preparation for summer in 2018. He pointed out the Power and Water Distillation Stations Sector carries out maintenance and upgrading operations regularly, in addition to repairing units for generating electricity and water to ensure readiness for summer.

He went on to say the ministry is also working with Kuwait National Petroleum Company and its subsidies to secure the fuel needs of power and water distillation stations. “This is the first of three phases of annual maintenance works for 2017/2018 which will be completed in May 2018,” he revealed. He added the ministry has signed a service contract for operation and maintenance of power generating units with an overall capacity to produce 6,430 megawatts and they continue to generate power beyond the summer season, as well as various maintenance contracts for power and water distillation stations throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is currently contemplating on canceling changes in orders for its future projects to prevent wastage of public funds, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a reliable source. The source revealed the ministry will carry out its future projects according to the actual needs of the beneficiary authorities and use the initial blueprints of the projects. The source said the ministry will soon inform other ministries and governmental bodies about its plan to cancel changes in orders.

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