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No cut in ‘60s’ insurance fee; ‘Iqama’ stamping not interrupted

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KUWAIT CITY, March 21: The Public Authority for Manpower has confirmed that the process of renewing the work permits of non-graduate expatriates who are 60 years old and above continues uninterrupted, in accordance with the controls and requirements set forth in the new decision No (156/2022), which has been published in the Official Gazette, reports Al-Jarida daily.

PAM was commenting on the impact of the ruling of the Court of Appeal, issued recently, to cancel the administrative decision (27/2021) regarding the issuance of regulations, rules and procedures for granting work permits, and the resulting implicit cancellation of the decision (34/2022), which introduced an amendment to the text of Article (37) of the regulations.

The sources explained to the daily that Article (37) of the new regulation includes the same old conditions set forth in Resolution (34/2022), which must be met to renew work permits for the above mentioned categories – 250 dinars for residence renewal and an irrevocable comprehensive health insurance policy issued by one of the qualified companies approved by the Insurance Regulatory Unit, noting that there is only one amendment to the renewal procedures, which is that it is not mandatory for the insurance companies to be listed on the stock market to enable them to issue documents.

The sources indicated that the “appeal” ruling was issued against the old regulation that the “manpower” canceled, pointing out that the director of the authority issued on the 13th of this month a new regulation No. (156/2022) that canceled in its second article the decisions (552/2018) and (27/2021), and all decisions and circulars that contravene its provisions. The sources stressed that PAM respects all judicial rulings, especially those that are enforceable and indicated that the authority had not received, until yesterday, the merits of the “appeal” ruling, stressing that upon receiving it, it will study it and take the necessary legal measures, and respond to it in coordination with Fatwa and Legislation Department.

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