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‘No compromise on security issues, arrest Kuwait’s foes’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 14: MP Riyadh Al-Adsani will never compromise in using constitutional tools and activating supervision on all important issues; especially those related to security like the Abdali Cell which has intelligence contact with Hezbollah and Iran and it possesses a large quantity of weapons.

He explained in a press statement, “When I threatened to grill Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah, my objectives were to push for the arrest of Abdali Cell convicts, hold accountable those who helped these convicts escape, and determine the measures taken to ensure security and stability of the country.” He pointed out the Abdali Cell case should not be neglected, especially since one of its goals is to harm the State of Kuwait. He said betrayal of the homeland is considered high treason because the traitor is more dangerous than the enemy. He added the Interior Ministry has more responsibilities under such circumstances, hence, the need to intensify its efforts to protect the country. He went on to say there is no responsibility without accountability, indicating that any minister, or even the Prime Minister, will be held accountable regardless of their status or position, if the need arises.

In a related development, MP Adnan AbdulSamad disclosed that he repeatedly noticed leakage of details of preliminary investigations, adding some information are leaked to the media similar to what happened in the Abdali Cell investigation.

He said local newspapers are briefed daily on information given to security sources, despite the fact that records and investigations are part of the initial steps towards completion of a fair trial. He asserted this gives the impression that those who leaked such information want to shape public opinion, thereby, undermining the investigations.

He added this has prompted the Attorney General to issue a decision banning the publication of investigations and any related information. He has forwarded questions in this regard to the interior minister. He wants to know if information was leaked with the knowledge of the ministry and other concerned authorities, and what measures were taken against those behind the leakage. He demanded for copies of the results of investigations on the leakage if any, action taken to ensure no one uses the leaked information to instigate conflicts, and details of similar cases if any.

On the other hand, MP Osama Al- Shaheen has submitted a proposal to amend law number 8/2008 on the rights of persons with disabilities to reduce by two hours the number of working hours for employees with minor disabilities and grant them the right to receive prosthetic devices based on the recommendation of the relevant technical committee.

He said people with minor disabilities are suffering because they are not covered by the law which stipulates exemptions and privileges for those with severe and moderate disabilities. He claimed the performance of the Public Authority for Handicapped Affairs (PAHA) is unsatisfactory, considering its work mechanism caused a lot of problems. He stressed the need for the authority to address the issue before the next legislative round. He cited two reports which are still in the Parliament’s agenda, disclosing these reports are about issues concerning persons with disabilities. He hopes these reports will be completed in the next legislative round. He added his proposal on retirement and re-evaluation is still in the agenda, indicating this should be ratified in the next round to serve the interests of the handicapped. He revealed MPs Khalid Al-Otaibi, Abdul Karim Al-Kandari, Shuaib Al- Muwaizri and Waleed Tabtabaie have also presented a proposal to exempt people with minor disabilities from paying fees for prosthetic devices and allow them to reduce working hours.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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