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Thursday , October 28 2021

NO BLACKLISTING FOR VIOLATORS WHO COME FORWARD – ‘Rectify status, or pay fines & leave’

Photo shows a security campaign at the fish market on Sunday which resulted in the arrest of 34 residency law violators.
Photo shows a security campaign at the fish market on Sunday which resulted in the arrest of 34 residency law violators.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10, (KUNA): The Ministry of Interior has announced its new humanitarian initiative for those who violated the Residency Law by allowing them to legalize their status, pay fines and leave the country without depriving them of the chance to come back.

In a press statement, Director General of the Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash revealed all the residency affairs departments across the country are ready to receive those who want to rectify their status, pay their fines and leave the country without being blacklisted.

Al-Hashash explained anyone proven to have violated the Residency Law who gets arrested will be deported after paying the fine. He urged violators and those facing cases to hasten in rectifying their legal status or request leaving the country after paying fines, with the possibility of returning on a new residency application as long as they fulfill the requirements.

He pointed out the legal accountability of violators will also apply on their sponsors and those hiding or exploiting them. He said it is the responsibility of sponsors to report absconders, whether they know their whereabouts or not. He added the above mentioned instructions were issued to every concerned department in order to deal with the violators and their sponsors in accordance with the prevailing procedures in either rectifying their status or paying fines, or else, they will face tough measures when they get arrested.

He affirmed the concerned security agencies are pursuing violators and outlaws by depending on confirmed information and using digital fingerprint to check the criminal record of every outlaw with an arrest warrant. He advised residents to always carry their legal documentations and urged sponsors to renew their employees’ residency permits before they expire. He confirmed that security campaigns will continue against fake domestic labor offices, stating the recent arrest of those running such offices, in addition to raids in various parts of the country were positive results for the concerned departments. He reiterated the massive arrests during campaigns carried out recently by the concerned security agencies included those who violated the residency and labor laws, public order, traffic laws, forgery and other cases. “Campaigns continue to raise awareness on violators and their sponsors in a bid to encourage them to quickly rectify their status or leave the country without being blacklisted.

This is in addition to information dissemination on the legal repercussions that await those who fail to legalize their status and those hiding from the law,” he warned.

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